Dying Kindness

I'm going to die someday. So will you. Let's all do what we can and make key decisions now in order to be kinder to those we'll leave behind.

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Death Binder

14: Getting The Conversation Started

Jan. 18, 2022

Sure, it's important to talk about death and what we want. But how do you even begin this conversation? What if you're ready to talk but someone else is resistant? And what do we even need to talk about? In this episode I i…

Death Binder

13: What’s in a Death Binder?

Jan. 5, 2022

Just what kinds of things would be useful to the people we'll leave behind when we die? What decisions need to be made? What goes into a "Death Binder"?

12: Lessons for Living and Dying Well

Dec. 23, 2021

Presenting three books with lessons learned from the dying on how to live (and die) well: The Top Five Regrets of the Dying - Bronnie Ware The Four Things That Matter Most - Ira Byock When Breath Becomes Air - Paul Kala…


11: From Death Phobic to Death Doula

Dec. 7, 2021

Karen Reppen describes herself as being once "the most death phobic person on the planet." Now she's on the board of the National End-of-Life Doula Alliance (NEDA) and an advocate for death education. In this interview, she …

Guest: Karen Reppen

10: Holidays Can Be Complicated

Nov. 24, 2021

Logistics are not the only things that complicate death. The holidays can be an emotional time. Here are five ways to help take care of the emotional side of the impact your death will have on those you love.

9: What is a Good Death?

Nov. 9, 2021

We often refer to the idea of a "good death" without really digging in to what that means for us. But being clear about it is critical when it comes to completing an Advance Care Directive.

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