Interview Confirmation & Details

Thanks for scheduling your Dying Kindness interview!
Please upload your photo, bio, and social information using our Guest Intake Form.
For the interview, we will be recording remotely using Riverside is browser-based audio recording software, meaning no need to install anything on your end. Please use the Chrome browser if you can.
During the call we'll have video so we can see each other. I may or may not record the video — that's for you and I to discuss at the time.
I am grateful that you have agreed to participate in this project, and am committed to preserving the trust you have placed in me. While I am committed to capturing the stories and information that will best serve my audience, I also believe in honoring your privacy and your right to your own story.
I will start the recording from the beginning because it's great for the story to capture the opening greetings.  You'll be able to see onscreen that we are recording. Additionally, you may always ask me to stop recording.
This conversation is intended to be used for the Dying Kindness podcast and will be edited to support the story and timing. I do not intend to change meaning or intention through the edits. If I have questions about the impact of an edit, I may request a follow up with you to review the edit for clarity and confirmation.
To help get the best audio recording quality possible, please:
  • Wear headphones
  • Use the best microphone you have available
  • Choose a quiet location for the interview
Invite link for interview:
  1. Click the Invite Link 
  2. Click the Request Permission button to connect camera and microphone
  3. Click the Allow button in your Browser's prompt
  4. Click the Got It button after reading over our recommendations
  5. Click the Join Session button