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Edwina Moldover

Retired Hospice Nurse

Edwina holds a master’s degree in nursing, and is now retired. The last decades of her career were spent helping parents with alternative birthing experiences at home or a birthing center, and as a hospice nurse helping families navigate the final period of life for a loved one. As such, she helped with the “comings and goings” in the life cycle, and found there to be remarkable parallels between the two life experiences. The honor of being present to and assisting with comings and goings in life has been a cherished privilege as well as an opportunity to see how difficult challenges can often bring out the very best in people. It bolsters one’s faith in the goodness of humanity.

For Caregivers Interview

5: Hospice - Edwina Moldover Interview

Sept. 7, 2021

"Hospice is not giving up." Retired hospice nurse Edwina Moldover clears up misconceptions about hospice and says that the biggest mistake we make is not accessing hospice earlier.